Ayon Scorpio, new in store

We are happy to have the Ayon Scorpio,  on demo,


Some quotes   by Christiaan Punter from the Trusted HiFiAdvice

The Ayon’s presentation (using it with 4-ohm configuration) is actually much closer to that of the Audio Research Ref75 SE’s than that of the PrimaLuna. When comparing the Ayon with the Audio Research, I used the latter with its 8-ohm outputs because it lacks power and control with its 4-ohm outputs when combined with the nominally 8-ohm Carmens. Although the Audio Research is more airy, fluid and refined, though, it lags behind the Ayon in terms of bass control and overall dynamics and slam, which, for me is very important. In addition, the Ayon has an even purer and direct-coupled (as opposed to more refined but also more filtered) midrange but still somehow a certain richness, without actually sounding particularly warm. This may be an intrinsic KT88 effect but I’d have to do more experiments to know for sure. That the Scorpio would perform so incredibly well even with incorrectly matched impedances, speaks volumes of its power supply and output transformers.