Dethonray DTR1 at Canjam Shanghai & in Amsterdam

canjam global shanghai 2019

Dethonray introduces the DTR1 prelude at CanJam Global 2019 in Shanghai

In Europe, Amsterdam, Utrecht, and Eindhoven to be more specific we already had a very successful introduction of the first DAP by Dethonray at the X-FI Premium Audio show and at private listening sessions. Its sounds very well with bigger more demanding over-ears as well as sensitive refined IEM’s

November 9-10 at the Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Centre,  Anson Tse will be present to explain everything about design choices like the unique approach to the cleanest power possible for sound processing. As well as the in-house developed Linux based OS.

Detnonray DTR1
Dethonray Noble Khan

Authoritative review site headfonia wrote the most recent and in-depth review about the Dethonray DTR1

Berkhan of headfonia is very clear about is his experiences and opinion


The Dethonray DTR1 is easily the DAP of the year in my book, and I will include it in our Best of 2019 selections. If you want a device that can just play your music archive, there’s not a better option that I can give you. There’s nothing else better for this price tag. It’s as simple as that.

The Dethonray is a hot topic at already over 58 pages!

Some  quotes at

Owning the DTR1 since 6 months now, have been listening to it almost every day. I agree with everything you said in your review. DAP of year (when it comes to pure SQ) for sure.

It literally transformed my Sony N3 and Final E5000 (both quite warm and bassy) into totl sounding IEMs. No compromise high quality music playback.

Viva Dethonray and the DTR1!


Can I demo the Dethonray in Europe?

Yes, the Dethonray is available for Demos in Amsterdam,  or get in contact with the Glorious Sound.  We also have excellent matching IEM’s by Noble Audio and oBravo

Where can you order the Dethonray in Europe?

Free shipping and quick delivery within Europe,  with no additional taxes or customs duties at Glorious Sound.




At people are discussing the differences, so for now only a visual of the  Dethonray DTR1 vs Chord Mojo

Dethonray DTR1 vs Chord Mojoweb
Dethonray DTR1 vs Chord Mojo


For specifications and  ordering have a look at

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