Brands and Highlights at High End Munich 2018

Brands and Highlights at High End Munich 2018,

Prepare your visit to the High End Munich 2018 May 10th to 13th. Make your life easier with these useful things you need to know before you go.

This year you get three audio shows at the same time, without the need to buy more than one ticket.    

Locations Munich Audio, HiFi Shows:

High End Munich 2018  (Date: 10th to 13th of May 2018)

MOC München
Lilienthalallee 40
80939 München, Germany

Brands at High-End Munich 2018 

Almost every audio brand from all over the world will be here. Certainly too much to see in one day, so at least check your 10 favorite rooms at Munich Audio Show.  Some of my top 10 audio brands al listed below. Organized bij the Highend Society, exhibiting the latest and the best HiFi systems.

Hifideluxe (Date: 10th to 12th May 2018)

Marriott Hotel München
Berliner Straße 93
80805 München

Brands at Hifideluxe  2018

You’ll find some very special audio brands in the beautiful Marriott Hotel in Munich. The atmosphere feels like a VIP treatment, while enjoying top of the bill sound in every room.

And not a lot of people realize that it’s FREE admittance at this Munich Audio Show. No ticket needed.

From what I understand, Hifideluxe is at a walking distance from High-End Munich at the MOC, and they even provide free shuttles.

It will be hard to pick the top 10 audio brands at the Hifideluxe at the  Marriott in Munich…

CANJAM MUNICH  (Date: 11th to 13th May 2018)

Kohlebunker (next to High End / MOC)
Lilienthalallee 37
80939 München

Brands at CanJam Munich  2018

What is the difference between CanJam Europe and CanJam Global?

Well, they both share a list of the nicest headphone brands and all sorts of personal audio. But from what I understand, it’s a completely different organization.

CanJam Europe will have more than 100 brands brand at the show. The CanJam admittance is FREE if you’ve already bought a ticket for the High End show at the MOCat walking distance!  


Highlights at the Munich Audio Show

(This post will be updated during the event)

The number of exhibitors and the range of products are so diverse, that it’s nearly impossible to compare them all and make a top 10 list..

But you can expect some spectacular product launches by:


Wilson Audio Specialties Inc.

“TuneTot”, is a new Wilson Audio Specialties product that will launch May 10th during High-End Munich, watch this post for updates on May 10th.

Some “pre”  launch announcements can be found around the web, Wilson Audio will have a product launch of there most compact Wilson Audio Speaker, the “TuneTot”.

Chris Connaker at ComputerAudiophile 

Michael Fremer at AnalogPlanet



MANGER AUDIO  will have a world premiere of Manger Audio P2 at  Atrium 4.2 Room F211.

Although Manger is well-known for their active speakers, the P2 is a passive loudspeaker, and Daniela Manger will tell everything about it at High End Munich 2018.

The P2 features an 8″ woofer, and two passive radiators with a patented membrane technology on the rear.  Greater bass, larger soundstage, improved clarity, better timing and increased dynamics.


Technical Audio Devices Laboratories

In 2017, Technical Audio Devices Laboratories launched the  TAD Micro Evolution One.   Definitely check out their Atrium Room 4.1 E118  & Atrium Room 4.1 E119. I wonder when they will disclose their product launch…


Chord Electronics Ltd.

Chord Electronics usually has very interesting product launches at the Munich High-End show.  At the CES, some unofficial photos circulated of a very hot “streaming” option for the Chord Hugo 2.   

Recently I was surprised by the late release of the GoFigure iOS App. After the introduction of the Chord Poly as the streaming option for the Chord Mojo, we all expected the GoFigure iOS App to launch shortly after that.

Maybe the GoFigure isn’t late, but instead a very early release to accompany the Chord 2Go-streamer. Perhaps we’ll find out in Munich…

Check it out at their room Atrium  4.1 E118



With a long history of Japanese craftsmanship and innovation in high-end phonograph cartridges design, Audio-Technica released the  AT-LP7 Belt Drive Turntable.

Audio-Technica will also show their latest headset like the ATH-ANC700BT theQuietPoint® Wireless Active Noise-Cancelling Headphones.

Lumin Music

Lumin audiophile network streamers connect and work with everything in the market. Tidal,  Qobuz, Roon, iOS/ihone, Android, MQA, you name it…

The latest Lumin D2 is a spectaculair streamer/ DAC combo that wins at value for money comparison.  Already reviewed a best-in-class and price point by a numerous online magazines.

Kii audio

World premiere at studio 3 of the  Marriott Hotel München of the  Kii THREE BXT.  

The BXT is an extension module which turns the KII THREE into an floor stander instead of a monitor with a total of 7000 Watts.

Read more about the Kii Three BXT product launch 

Kii THREE BXT System:

Floor standing DSP controlled High-End playback system.

Consisting of:

2 x Kii THREE speakers in high gloss white, graphite matt metallic or any custom color of your choice

2 x BXT modules in the same or a contrasting color

1 x Kii Control offers volume control, input selection with touch switch operation, additional software menu, OLED display and is IR ready.


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